Valentine’s Day Treats for Co-Workers

Good morning! Just wanted to share with you about an amazing Valentine’s Day treat I made for my co-workers last week. I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe and then added about a cup of mini M&M’s and a cup of chocolate chips to the batter! Yum! I typically like to use M&M’s that match the season, however, I could not find any plain chocolate Valentine’s M&M’s at Walmart, so I opted for mini M&M’s which fit right into every nook and cranny.

Next I used my Wilton “heart pop” cookie pans to make my  heart shaped cookies on a stick. I sprayed the pan with a little olive oil, then I spooned in some cookie dough (the heart cookie pans I have seem to  be about 2-1/2 to 3 cookies worth of dough that I spooned into each tin). Then I used my fingers to press the dough into the form of the heart mold. I used Wilton 5″ white lollipop sticks and I placed the stick about half the length of the cookie, and placed the stick so it lied flat against the little groove built into the pan. I moved some dough from the center strip of the cookie where the lollipop stick would be buried, and I covered it up with the dough so you could not see the stick any more through the cookie dough. Then I baked them in a 375 degree F oven for about 10 minutes. I watched the edges so they didn’t burn, but it is important to ensure that the cookie is completely cooked so that when it sets it will be able to be supported by the stick, and it won’t break your cookie.

When they finish baking, let them cool in the pan on a wire rack for about 10 minutes then flip the pan over and tap on the back of the pan and the heart cookies should come right out without a hitch. Let the cookies cool, then my favorite part…decorate them!!! 😀

I layed out some wax paper on the counter & melted some chocolate almond bark in a little bowl in the microwave. Remember with chocolate, it is important to stir it about every 30 seconds so it doesn’t burn, as it tends to hold its shape, so its easy to think its not melting, but it is! Then I held each cooled cookie (not by the stick, but by the left half of the heart) and spooned some melted chocolate almond bark on the right side of the heart, spooning the chocolate in a straight line down the center, and using the back of the spoon to spread it out on the right half of the cookie. I set each cookie on the wax paper and sprinkled with the cute little X & O sprinkles. (A little known fact is that you can buy little tubs of sprinkles at the Walmart bakery for a few bucks-so next time you walk by, check out the sprinkles on the cakes to see if you like any! Then, let them know you would like to buy some. )

After I coated one half in chocolate, I decided the cookies were missing a little pizzazz, so I took some pink almond bark melts (those little colored disks that you can buy) and melted some in a little dish in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until melted. Then I let it cool a few seconds, and poured the colored melted chocolate into a little Ziploc bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner of the bottom of the bag. Then I drizzled the almond bark over each decorated half of each cookie. Perfect! That is just the extra touch it needed to take it to the next level.





I let each cookie dry completely, and placed them in Wilton plastic goodie bags and tied with some curling ribbon. (I had some pink left over from our wedding, and the red was from Christmas-perfect combination for Valentine’s Day!) I also had some clear labels at home, and I wanted to make a cute little tag on the cookies since they were my “valentine” to my co-workers. On Pinterest, I remembered pinning some pretty fonts  from So, I downloaded some of the pretty fonts I liked and created cute little labels to place on the cookie bags.



These brought back memories of our wedding day since we gave out these heart shaped cookies on a stick, with one half dipped in chocolate with pink and lavender almond bark drizzled on that side, as our wedding favors to our guests. They were gorgeous! Big thanks to my family and friends who met at the church to help us make these beautiful favors for our guests.

Wedding Favors! They had a little label on the back that thanked our guests for coming!

Wedding Favors! They had a little label on the back that thanked our guests for coming!